Interactions in Neurodegenerative Disorders

1. What is Alpha-Synuclein?

Alpha-Synuclein is a 14-19 kDa phosphoprotein primarily localized in the presynaptic terminals of mature neurons, where it is involved in synaptic function and plasticity.

2. Why is Alpha-Synuclein important?

  • Alpha-Synuclein was the first missense mutation identified as a cause of familial Parkinson’s disease.

  • Aggregated and hyper-phosphorylated forms of Alpha-Synuclein are the major components of Lewy bodies.

  • Alpha-Synuclein is involved in regulation of the dopaminergic pathway.

  • Alpha-Synuclein reduces neuronal responsiveness to various apoptotic stimuli, leading to decreased caspase-3 activation.

  • Alpha-Synuclein intermediate oligomers/protofibrils are thought to be the major neurotoxic species.

  • Alpha-Synuclein is a target for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease; a humanized monoclonal anti-Alpha-Synuclein (PRX002) is currently under Phase 1 trails.

 3. Disease spectrum and Alpha-Synuclein:

Product Focus: Alpha-Synuclein 
Catalog number Type Applications
10842-1-AP Rabbit polyclonal ELISA, WB, IHC, IF
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Immunofluorescence analysis of SH-SY5Y cells (human neuroblastoma) labeling Alpha-Synuclein with 10842-1-AP Proteintech antibody at a dilution of 1:25. Alexa Fluor 488-congugated AffiniPure Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) was used as the secondary antibody and DAPI was used as the nuclear counterstain.

4. Latest Scientific Facts about Alpha-Synuclein 

5. PubMed record and Proteintech Alpha-Synuclein Antibody

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22524-1-AP 6531 DAT ELISA, IHC, WB, IP
18355-1-AP 5337 PLD1 ELISA, WB, IF, IP
14060-1-AP 5071 PARK2 ELISA, WB, IF



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