Proteintech Triples its Size of Headquarters to Expand Operations and Meet Demand

Press Release

August 18, 2021 9 AM Central Time. Written by Jane Thompson, Thompson + Conard Communications.

ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS, Aug. 18, 2021 -- Proteintech, the benchmark in antibodies, announces the tripling in size of its Rosemont, Illinois headquarters and laboratories to expand its antibody conjugation capabilities, increase GMP protein operations and add clinical capabilities to its antibodies’ portfolio, including IBVR and ASR. 

Proteintech’s move follows 20 years of strong and consistent growth at the company. Proteintech last expanded its headquarters just five years ago and expects to see growth continue amid demand for its antibodies, ELISA kits and protein products, according to Jeff Lee, Chief Operating Officer. In the past two years the company’s headcount has doubled to 300 employees and expects it to double again in two years.

“It’s a big year for Proteintech with it being our 20th year in business, receiving our 100,000th citation of our products in scientific publications, and expanding but we wouldn’t have this company or any of its successes without our people,” said CEO Dr. Jason Li, “Every step our employees took have made this company what it is today.  They have made our company strong.”

“The 100,000 citations we’ve received over the years is a contributing factor to our expansion.  The consistent growth of citations from researchers using our products is a direct reflection on the value that researchers place on the consistent quality and reproducibility of our products correlating with the growth we’ve seen,” said Dr. Deepa Shankar, Chief Scientific Officer.

The new headquarters will also house expanding operations for Proteintech’s North American distribution, R&D, finance, logistics, customer support, and IT.

Proteintech's new state of the art Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-grade laboratory
Proteintech's new state of the art Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-grade laboratory
Proteintech's new office with modern and spacious lobby area
Proteintech's new library area provides a relaxing and calm space for employees and visitors
Timeline showing the history and journey of Proteintech displayed in the new library room
New modern meeting rooms