Publication Takeover

Proteintech Group celebrates >100,000 citations of its products in the scientific publications!

Proteintech has recently reached over 100,000 citations in scientific journals across the world! To celebrate this incredible milestone of our customers success, we are hosting a 'Publication Takeover' where we will publish a short summary of recent scientific papers on LinkedIn and Twitter throughout October 2021. The campaign schedule is available in the table below. It is a great opportunity to reach out and connect with scientists from your area of expertise. Like, share and tag your colleagues that will enjoy engaging in this campaign, and get involved in discussions under the posts! Don't miss out and follow Proteintech on social media for more exciting updates!

Publication Takeover schedule

 Number  Release date  Authors  Country  Publication title
 1 4th October  Tong et al., 2021   USA  NAD+ Repletion Reverses Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction
5th October  Chen et al., 2021   USA  Ciliopathy protein HYLS1 coordinates the biogenesis and signaling of primary cilia by activating the ciliary lipid kinase PIPKIγ
6th October   Mifsud et al.,  2021   UK  Distinct regulation of hippocampal neuroplasticity and ciliary genes by corticosteroid receptors
7th October   Li et al., 2021  USA  Interplay and cooperation between SREBF1 and master transcription factors regulate lipid metabolism and tumor-promoting pathways in squamous cancer
8th October  Arregui et al., 2021  Spain  Limited survival and impaired hepatic fasting metabolism in mice with constitutive Rag GTPase signaling
11th October  Han et al., 2021   USA  Enterically derived high-density lipoprotein restrains liver injury through the portal vein
12th October  Wan et al., 2021  UK  Translation stress and collided ribosomes are coactivators of cGAS 
13th October  Orellana et al., 2021   USA  METTL1-mediated m 7 G modification of Arg-TCT tRNA drives oncogenic transformation
14th October  Huang et al., 2021   China  Suppression of mitochondrial ROS by prohibitin drives glioblastoma progression and therapeutic resistance
10  15th October  Vanhoutte et al., 2021   USA  Thbs1 induces lethal cardiac atrophy through PERK-ATF4 regulated autophagy
11 18th October Cousin et al., 2021 USA  Pathogenic SPTBN1 variants cause an autosomal dominant neurodevelopmental syndrome
12 19th October   Karabiyik et al., 2021   UK  Glucose starvation induces autophagy via ULK1-mediated activation of PIKfyve in an AMPK-dependent manner
13 20th October Nüchel et al., 2021 Germany  An mTORC1-GRASP55 signaling axis controls unconventional secretion to reshape the extracellular proteome upon stress
14 21st October Einstein et al., 2021 USA  Inhibition of YTHDF2 triggers proteotoxic cell death in MYC-driven breast cancer
15 22nd October Lu et al., 2021 China  Whole-exome sequencing of alpha-fetoprotein producing gastric carcinoma reveals genomic profile and therapeutic targets
16 25th October Jiang et al., 2021  USA  Interaction of tau with HNRNPA2B1 and N6-methyladenosine RNA mediates the progression of tauopathy
17 26th October Huang et al., 2021 China  Targeting regulator of G protein signaling 1 in tumor-specific T cells enhances their trafficking to breast cancer
18 27th October Nunes et al., 2021  USA  Prohibitin 1 is essential to preserve mitochondria and myelin integrity in Schwann cells
19 28th October Bozzo et al., 2021 Germany  IFITM proteins promote SARS-CoV-2 infection and are targets for virus inhibition in vitro
20 29th October Yang et al., 2021 UK  Neutrophil elastase promotes neointimal hyperplasia by targeting toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)–NF-κB signalling